2014 Revival Schedule

Evang. Stacy Brooks                   January 22nd & 26th

Elder Cleon Chambers               February 12th and 16th

Elder Reynaldo Dulaney            March 12th and 16th

Minister Pamela Garrison          May 21st and 25th

Evang. Amber Gray                      July 16th and 20th 

Elder Larry Harper                       August 13th and 17th 

Minister Nicole Millender          September 10th & 14th  

Minister Marilyn Stevens           Ocotber 8th & 12th 

Elder Max Stephens                   November 12th & 16th

Minister Warren Williams          December 10th & 14th



​9:00 AM Morning Prayer

9:45 AM Christian Education

10:00 AM Morning Worship

3:30 PM Evening Worship

​(Every 2nd, 4th & 5th Sunday) 



6:00 PM Prayer

7:00 PM Bible Class

7:00 PM Youth Bible Study


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